Monday, 30 March 2009

Paying for OA publication charges - new report

The Research Information Network and Universities UK have produced a guide [PDF] to provide advice on paying open access publication charges.

Recommendations are made for each of the key players involved in the scholarly communication chain - higher education institutions, publishers, funder and authors. With regard to authors (researchers) the report makes the following recommendations:
  • authors should make use of services such as the Directory of Open Access Journals, and consider the options for publishing their results in such journals.

  • authors should familiarise themselves with their funders’ policies and requirements, with the options and the arrangements available to them in their institutions for meeting the costs of publication in open access and hybrid journals and with the administrative arrangements to apply for such funds.

  • authors should ensure that they have access to the funds necessary to meet the publication fee, before they submit articles for open access publication.
The report has attracted a number of comments from the open access community, including Peter Suber and Stevan Harnad.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

ACS Open Choice articles - now in PMC and UKPMC

Papers published by the American Chemical Society (ACS) under their Open Choice option are now available in PMC and UKPMC. Currently around 110 papers - drawn from 20 ACS journal titles - are now freely available. These papers can be found by running the following search on UKPMC:

ACS Author Choice [filter]

All future papers published under this model will be made available through these repositories at the time of publication.

ACS Open Choice articles are fully open access in the sense that the licence [PDF link] allows users - for non-commercial research and education purposes - to "access, download, copy, display and redistribute articles as well as adapt, translate text and data mine the content...."

This model meets the requirements of the Wellcome Trust - and the other funders in the UKPMC Funders Group.

Monday, 23 March 2009

UK PubMed Central - enabling easier reporting on the outcomes of grants

Users of the UK PubMed Central Manuscript Submission System (UKMSS) will soon be able to use a new service - 'My UKPMC' - to report on the outcomes of any grant funded by any one of the UKPMC Funders' Group member organisations. Grantholders will be able to export these grant reports not only in standard .csv and xml formats but also as publicly available web pages, which will update dynamically whenever a new publication is added to either PubMed or UK PubMed Central.

In advance of 'My UKPMC' going live - at the end of April 2009 - grantholders are able to use the current grants reporting service on UKMSS to link their publications with any existing grants awarded by UKPMC Funders' Group members. The step-by-step guide below shows how to do this.

Grant Reporting using UK PubMed Central – step by step guide [PDF 5MB]

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Finding funder attributed papers in UKPMC

Each of the eight funders associated with UKPMC has a Funders Home Page from which you can find all papers in UKPMC which are associated with any of these funding bodies.

In addition to be able to view these full-text articles, the article metadata can be exported in csv or xml. This metadata can also be sorted in various ways (author, title, date) and it is possible to limit the output to author manuscripts or publisher depositions.

As of today (19th March 2009) there are 5725 Wellcome-funded papers in UKPMC, of which 4289 (81%) are publisher, final-version articles.

The links here show all the papers in UKPMC associated with the Wellcome Trust, and those which have been added to UKPMC within the last 30 days.

Friday, 13 March 2009

First U.S. public access policy made permanent

As reported by Jennifer McLennan (Association of Research Libraries) on the SPARC-OpenData mailing list:

2009 Consolidated Appropriations Act ensures NIH public access policy will persist

Washington, D.C. – March 12, 2009 – President Obama yesterday signed into law the 2009 Consolidated Appropriations Act, which includes a provision making the National Institutes’ of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy permanent. The NIH Revised Policy on Enhancing Public Access requires eligible NIH-funded researchers to deposit electronic copies of their peer-reviewed manuscripts into the National Library of Medicine’s online archive, PubMed Central (PMC). Full texts of the articles are made publicly available and searchable online in PMC no later than 12 months after publication in a journal.

The NIH policy was previously implemented with a provision that was subject to annual renewal. Since the implementation of the revised policy the percentage of eligible manuscripts deposited into PMC has increased significantly, with over 3,000 new manuscripts being deposited each month. The PubMed Central database is a part of a valuable set of public database resources at the NIH, which are accessed by more than 2 million users each day.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bulletin of the History of Medicine: author-pays articles now in PMC

Papers published in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, for which an author-pays fee has been paid, are now flowing directly in PMC. These papers should be mirrored to UKPMC within the next 24 hours.

Monday, 9 March 2009

American Thoracic Society develops a compliant OA policy

The American Thoracic Society - publishers of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology and the Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society - have modified their Open Access policy such that it is now fully compliant with the open access grant conditions developed by the UKPMC Funders.

ATS have agreed to deposit (on behalf of the author) final version papers directly into PMC, where they will be made freely available 6 months after publication. This policy applies to papers that have been accepted for publication in any ATS journal that has been funded by any of the UKPMC Funders.

To take advantage of this service, authors funded by any UKPMC Funders simply need to indicate their funding source on the ATS Copyright Form and provide the grant number and contact name on the title page of the manuscript.

Papers deposited under this policy are automatically mirrored to UKPMC.

This policy took effect in January 2009 and applies retrospectively to eligible articles published from June 2008.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Developing UKPMC

The British Library - who, in collaboration with MIMAS, and EBI are responsible for managing the UKPMC service on behalf of the UKPMC Funders Group - have been busy over the last few weeks running workshops and other events to begin the task of alerting the life sciences research community (and soliciting their input) to the developments which will come online at UKPMC over the next nine months.

You can read a summary of these planned developments at the UKPMC site or, for a more independent view, see the recent posting by Frank Norman (Librarian at the National Institute of Medical Research) and Branwen Hide's comments on the Research Information Network (RIN) blog.

Open access option now available on European Journal of Human Genetics

Authors publishing research in European Journal of Human Genetics (EJHG) can now opt to make their articles open access.

Read the full press release from Nature Publishing Group.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Company of Biologists and UKPMC

The Company of Biologists (COB) - publishers of Development and Journal of Cell Science - has announced a new policy in which papers published by researchers funded by the Wellcome Trust or the Medical Research Council will be automatically deposited in PMC (and mirrored to UKPMC).

The Company of Biologists will deposit the final version of all Wellcome Trust / MRC funded articles, and make these available within 6-months of publication. No fee is levied for this service.

The COB also offer an author-pays option, in which papers are made available with no embargo. The Wellcome Trust is currently in negotiations with the COB to determine whether these articles will be licenced in ways which meets the requirements of the Wellcome Trust.

When more information is available, I'll post details in this blog.

**Update: 6th March 2009.
The COB has confirmed that the deposition policy applies to all funders who mandate deposition in PubMed Central.

COB will deposit UKPMC funder-attributed papers (e.g. Wellcome, MRC, BHF, CR-UK etc.) at PMC and allow these to be mirrored to UKPMC.

UK PubMed Central Blog - welcome

UK PubMed Central(UKPMC) is the the UK's online digital archive of full-text, peer-reviewed research publications in the life sciences.

This blog has been created as a way of alerting researchers to:
  • new service developments at UK PubMed Central
  • changes to publisher policies in terms of open access and self-archiving
  • relevant news from the open access (OA) blogosphere
If there are any issues you would like to see discussed on this blog - or if you have any questions you have about UKPMC, or open access in general - then please post a comment on this blog.

Robert Kiley, Wellcome Trust