Thursday, 19 March 2009

Finding funder attributed papers in UKPMC

Each of the eight funders associated with UKPMC has a Funders Home Page from which you can find all papers in UKPMC which are associated with any of these funding bodies.

In addition to be able to view these full-text articles, the article metadata can be exported in csv or xml. This metadata can also be sorted in various ways (author, title, date) and it is possible to limit the output to author manuscripts or publisher depositions.

As of today (19th March 2009) there are 5725 Wellcome-funded papers in UKPMC, of which 4289 (81%) are publisher, final-version articles.

The links here show all the papers in UKPMC associated with the Wellcome Trust, and those which have been added to UKPMC within the last 30 days.

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