Thursday, 23 April 2009

Resources for researchers now on UK PubMed Central website

There is now a ' Resources and Media ' section on the UK PubMed Central website. So far this includes:

Focus group highlights - 2 minute streaming video
In late February members of the UK PubMed Central project team ran a focus group at the University of Oxford. 18 PubMed Central users attended, including researchers, technologists and librarians working within the biomedical and health communities. You can view a short two minute video which provides a quick insight into how we conducted the focus group and favourable comments from those that attended. Get in touch (email ) if you would like information about future events, workshops and focus groups - at this stage we particularly want to engage with researchers - the views and comments of this target audience is vital to help feed into our development activities.

Vital information for biomedical or health researchers
Are you a researcher with a grant awarded by any of the UK PubMed Central funding organisations? If so, download and scrutinise the latest UK PubMed Central promotional leaflet. As well as containing vital information for you, it also includes a very brief overview of our development activities.

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