Monday, 1 June 2009

Journals compliant with Wellcome mandate

At a poster session at the Open Repositories Conference 2009, Peter Millington (Technical Development Officer st Sherpa) presented data on the number of publishers/journals used by Wellcome-funded authors that offered a Wellcome-compliant OA publishing policy.

Taking a cohort of 3766 papers published in 901 different journals, Millington shows that potential compliance increased from 70% in 2006 to 87% in 2009. (i.e. 87% of articles were published in journals that had a Wellcome-compliant OA policy).

Millinton's analysis is based on a fixed cohort of papers, published in 2006. Analysis undertaken by the Wellcome on more recent publications (see Funder manadate presentation, slide 14) shows a potential compliance of around 95%, with actual compliance hovering around 35%.

To help Wellcome-funded authors determine the OA publishing policy of the most popular journals used by Wellcome-funded authors the Trust has produced a simple A-Z journal list. This list provides advice – at the journal title level – on how best to comply with the Trust’s open access requirements in a way that also meets the journals’ publishing policy.

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