Tuesday, 22 June 2010

UKPMC Beta service moves into production

As of Wednesday 23rd June, the UK PubMed Central (UKPMC) Open Beta site will go into full production mode, replacing the 'Classic' service available at http://ukpmc.ac.uk.

Unveiled at a showcase event at the British Library earlier this year, the UKPMC Beta site provides users with a single point of access to:
This content is made available to users via a completely redesigned user interface, which provides citation and full-text search; quick retrieval of relevant content; facetting of results; 'cited by', 'cites the following', 'biological entities' and 'related articles' links for journal articles and a full range of clipboard and export options.

In addition, the site has begun to integrate text-mining services which highlight and link biological entity types - currently gene/protein interactions, gene ontology terms, species, drugs and diseases - found within the text of an article to relevant external data sources.

Whilst of production quality, these services are still in development - for the UKPMC Beta site with its current functionality is an interim deliverable of a three-year programme of work which runs until June 2011. Over the next 12 months the UKPMC site and its services will continue to evolve. More information about this programme is available on the UKPMC website.


UK PubMed Central is a service of the UKPMC Funders Group working in partnership with the British Library, University of Manchester and the European Bioinformatics Institute in cooperation with the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NCBI/NLM).

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

98% of articles in PMC accessed in one year

At a recent PubMed Central National Advisory Committe meeting, David Lipman (Director of NCBI) gave a presentation on the current status of PubMed Central which included the following data:

  • Over 1.9 million articles are available in PMC. (Expected to hit 2 million by end of June '10);
  • Participating journals: 640 full participants; 220 that participate through the NIH Portfolio; 880 titles who provide "selective deposit" to PMC (i.e. through author-pays model);
  • In a single month (March 2010) over 20 million articles were downloaded;
  • Over a period of 12 months (2009) 98% of content in PMC was accessed at least once; 69% of the articles were accessed 10 times or more (see image above).

Monday, 7 June 2010

Karger offer "Wellcome-compliant" OA option

Karger Publishers have introduced an open access option, known as "Author's Choice".

In return for a fee of CHF 3,000, Karger will make an article freely available (at the time of publication) through http://www.karger.com/ , as well as depositing the final version directly into PubMed Central.

Articles routed through this mechanism are licenced under the Creative Commons, Attribution, Non-commercial licence. For further details see: http://content.karger.com/services/choice.asp

This Author Choice option meets the requirements of the Wellcome Trust and the other funders in the UKPMC Funders' Group.