Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Wellcome Trust and the author-pays model

A presentation by Robert Kiley (Wellcome Trust) given at the annual conference of the Association of Subscription Agents and Intermediaries that looks at the Wellcome Trust experience with the author-pays, open access model.

Looking at Wellcome-funded papers published in the quarter of 2010, Kiley calculates that the average cost of papers published under the author-pays model -- either through a hybrid or full open access option - was $2,367.

Based on this average fee, Kiley estimates that if every Wellcome-funded paper was routed through a "gold" OA route -- and assuming that the Trust picked up 100% of these costs -- then the total cost per year would be around $10.8m, which equates to around 1.25% of the Trust's annual research spend.

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