Monday, 24 June 2013

Why should I use Europe PMC – isn’t it just about European research?

I attended the UCL Neuroscience Symposium on Friday, an event showcasing work being carried out by scientists at UCL and its partners in to all areas of Neuroscience – from Developmental Neuroscience to Disorders of the Nervous System, and a lot in between!

Europe PMC had a stand, manned by me (Europe PMC engagement manager) and Cecy Marden (Europe PMC funders’ group project manager), and we had a steady stream of visitors over the course of the day.
The biggest question we were asked was ‘Why should I use Europe PMC – isn’t it just about European research?’ The really quick answer is, no, it’s global.
In a little bit more detail. A single search in Europe PMC covers:
·         The PubMed abstracts (22.5 million and counting)
·         Over 2.5 million PMC full text articles
·         Nearly 5 million biological patent records
·         Plus additional relevant content
You can distinguish this content using the Popular content sets option on the right of the search results page.
Of course there are lots of other reasons why it’s worth taking a look, but hopefully you’re reassured that you can discover all that you would expect from PubMed and more…


  1. Hi, we met up at
    UCL Neuroscience Symposium last week and discussed how I'd been creating data mining tool for my own research in the early days of PubMed (and as I remember ISI) - but now I used Google Scholar. I've looked at you API now and I can see that in the first instance it looks far superior to Google as the tags are likely to be stable and not changed arbitrarily like Google. I'll keep you informed! Dr Mark Baker

  2. Hi Mark,

    It was good to meet you on Friday too. We're really pleased to know that your initial experience of the Europe PMC web service ( has been positive! Do let us know how you get on as you continue to explore. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, and always pleased to receive feedback and suggestions for improvements.

    Best regards,