Friday, 20 December 2013

New Europe PMC plus Watch and Claim features

Europe PMC plus provides manuscript submission and grant reporting services for authors who are funded by Europe PMC funding organisations.

The new Europe PMC plus features ‘Watch’ and ‘Claim’ allow users to monitor progress of manuscripts for which they are not a submitter and enables them to take over reviewing author duties for submissions that may have stalled during the submission process.

This may be of particular use for administrators, librarians and co-ordinators that manage Europe PMC self-submissions on behalf of their Principal Investigators and Authors.

While the features are distinct modules of Europe PMC plus they work well in conjunction with each other allowing a level of manuscript management functionality previously unavailable in Europe PMC plus.

The Watch feature
The ‘Watch’ feature allows you to monitor progress of a manuscript for which you are a not already a submitter, PI or reviewing author. Watchers can view manuscript information and submit a ‘claim request’ if the manuscript stalls.

Source: Shutterstock Copyright: Konstantinos Kokkinis

Who can ‘Watch’ a manuscript?
You can submit a ‘Watch Request’ for any manuscript that does not appear in your ‘My Manuscripts’ list. However, you must know the manuscript ID number; for manuscripts that are not yet publically available, you will be asked to verify your request by providing the manuscript and journal titles.

The Claim feature
The ‘claim’ feature allows you to take over reviewing duties if a manuscript submission stalls.

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Who can ‘Claim’ a manuscript?
You can only make a Claim Request for a manuscript which appears in your ‘My Manuscripts’ lists; this means that you must already be a PI, Secondary Author or Watcher (see above) for the manuscript.

Further information
Further information about the features can be found on the Europe PMC plus online User Guide.
Alternatively contact the Europe PMC Helpdesk: +44 (0)1937 546699

Post written by the Europe PMC Helpdesk Manager, Rob Rowbotham

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Refine your search with our new advanced search functionality...

With our new advanced search functionality, you can now do more, more easily.

You can access the advanced search page here, or by clicking on the cog icon to the right of the search box.

Key features are:
  • Auto-suggest functionality on the journal, author, funder and grant ID fields
  • Article section-level searching: where you can restrict your search to specific sections of full text articles (more about this in a subsequent post)
  • Data links and citations: easily select the databases that you are interested in
  • External links: search by provider
  • Hover help (see blue question mark icons) provided for the fields.
As you use the fields to build your query, a query builder box at the top of the page (which can also be edited) displays the syntax of the search you are designing.

At ever at Europe PMC, we are very happy to hear your feedback about this new release (see the feedback button at the bottom right of the search page) and where appropriate build it into future developments to the form.

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