Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ever-widening resources at Europe PMC

Our External Links Service means that we link out to free resources that enrich our articles.

We started with links out to data (at Dryad), to full text articles not otherwise available from Europe PMC (at the Bielefeld University Institutional Repository) and to training courses for data resources (by Train online by EBI).

Since launching the service last July we've been joined by even more providers who have set-up links to an ever widening range of useful resources. You can now link directly to:
  • Press releases by the Wellcome Trust press office
  • Full text articles from the HAL-Inserm archive
  • RNA interference (RNAi) phenotypes from Genome RNAi
  • Plain English article summaries
If you're thinking of joining us, I can reassure you that the process is really quite simple. I've provided External Links to the Europe PMC blog so that the award-winning plain English summaries of research articles produced for our Access to Understanding science-writing competition are now linked directly from the articles about which they are written. I don't have any special computing skills beyond the usual day-to-day use of Office and internet and I followed the step-by-step instructions provided - I even felt quite smug about my technical know-how! It only took half-an-hour.

Image source: Shutterstock Copyright: Tonis Pan
Our recently launched new Advanced Search also makes it easier to identify articles with External Links - at the bottom of the page is a specific option to search for named External Links providers.

As always we welcome your feedback, and we would be delighted to hear from you if you want to get involved.

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