Friday, 17 July 2015

‘Let me count the ways.’

Title quote from ‘Sonnets from the Portuguese’, Sonnet 43, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Our relationship with ORCID personal identifiers blooms in a number of ways:

ORCID Wizard
Europe PMC was an early adopter of ORCIDs allowing researchers the ability to link articles to an ORCID using our easy-to-use article claiming Wizard. Not only can this route be used to easily update your ORCID profile, article records on Europe PMC now also reflect the association, which allows...

ORCID search
You can search for authors using their ORCID, allowing unambiguous discovery of articles by Smith J (0000-0002-6143-0421), Smith J (0000-0001-6313-3298) and Smith J (0000-0001-8768-1918) – I could go on! – for example. For more on how to do this see the guidance we provide here.

ORCID login
You can use your ORCID to create/sign in to a Europe PMC account that enables you to save search queries.

ORCIDs associated with grant records
We were among the first to incorporate ORCIDs into a definitive set of grant data in our Grant Information System (GRIST). GRIST contains all of the data provided to us by the 27 Europe PMC funders – now encompassing over 52 000 records. Some of the first ORCIDs associated with grants have recently been received from the European Research Council and will be followed, among others, by those provided by the Wellcome Trust who are mandating that all applicants provide an ORCID when they apply for grants from August.

The Europe PMC Grants RESTful web service has been reconfigured to enable those using it to query records using an ORCID.

Europe PMC and ORCID in numbers

  • 2,171,651 ORCID-Europe PMC article associations.
  • 1,668,987 Europe PMC articles associated with one or more ORCIDs.
  • 125,983 unique ORCIDs associated with Europe PMC articles.
  • 21,194 people have claimed articles using the Europe PMC Wizard.
  • Over half of all ORCID-article associations can be resolved using Europe PMC, i.e. over half of claimed publications are life sciences research.
  • 25 grant records include an ORCID – watch this number grow!
  • 17% of 2013 Europe PMC articles are associated with one or more ORCID.
ORCIDs have been embraced by the research community, and we were there at the start.

Our posts have taken a floral theme lately – orchids here, irises last month.

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