Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Making science open with the new Europe PMC plus

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Europe PMC Plus - the manuscript submission system for authors supported by Europe PMC funders.
Europe PMC is the repository of choice for 29 international life sciences funders, who recommend or require that publications arising from the research they fund, are made openly available via Europe PMC. Grantees of Europe PMC funders can deposit their manuscripts for inclusion in Europe PMC and PMC USA using the Europe PMC plus submission system.
The new version of Europe PMC plus released on 1st May 2019 has been designed to simplify and streamline the submission process. All that’s needed to complete a submission to Europe PMC plus are citation details, submission files, and funding information. The funding is linked to the publication via an open GRIST database that contains public grant award data from all Europe PMC funders.
The submission process itself is very straightforward and is possible to complete within 10 minutes. In the best case scenario, if a manuscript is submitted correctly, and is reviewed promptly by the author, the manuscript can be made available in Europe PMC in as little as two weeks.
After announcing the start of this project just under a year ago, the new system has been developed as an open source application in partnership with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko), eLife, Hindawi, and other community partners.
To learn how to use the new Europe PMC plus, and see what a submission process looks like, please visit our Youtube channel featuring short tutorial videos.


  1. Good news!
    Are you going to convert it to JATS XML and provide access by API like all published papers in PubMed?



  2. Thank you Alex.
    To answer your question - all papers submitted for inclusion in Europe PMC are tagged as JATS XML. They are available for bulk download on and are served in full via Europe PMC RESTful API.

  3. For example, here is a REST query that retrieves key metadata for author manuscripts in Europe PMC:*&pageSize=25&format=xml

    You can retrieve all information associated with author manuscripts, including ORCID iDs where available, text-mined terms, citations and references, etc.