Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Europe PMC announces renewed funding and two new funders join the family


Europe PMC infrastructure grant renewal

We start 2021 with the exciting news that the Europe PMC infrastructure grant has been renewed for the period April 2021 to March 2026. The grant award is supported by 30 international biomedical funders and led by the Principal Investigator Dr Johanna McEntyre, of the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). The grant enables the continued development and maintenance of the Europe PMC infrastructure and supports the Open Access policies of the Europe PMC funders, by enabling researchers to self-archive journal articles.

"I am delighted that funding for Europe PMC is secured until 2026. This will allow Europe PMC to not only support the open access policies of the Europe PMC funders, but also provide comprehensive free and open access to  research abstracts, full text and preprints. Europe PMC is a community resource, and a key part of European and global data infrastructure, providing vital links between data and articles to support open science”, said Jo McEntyre, who is also Associate Director of EMBL-EBI and Head of Literature Services.

Two national funding organisations in the Netherlands, NWO and ZonMw, join Europe PMC

We're excited to announce that the NWO and ZonMw join Europe PMC’s funder family this year.

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), funds interdisciplinary, curiosity-driven research that is focused on societal challenges and also invests annually in research infrastructure. Notably, The NWO announced its Open Science fund in December 2020, a programme that will support researchers in developing, testing and implementing innovative ways of making research open.

ZonMw funds the full spectrum of healthcare research, from basic research to the implementation of new treatments, disease prevention, and health care improvements in the Netherlands,  as well as contributing to international programmes. ZonMw works closely with the NWO, with their focus on healthcare research complementing NWO’s support of a wider range of scientific research areas.

Researchers funded by NWO and ZonMw will join thousands of others who make their published research articles freely available from Europe PMC as soon as possible. Both national funders are supporters of Coalition S meaning that all published research articles funded by NWO and ZonMw grants that are awarded from January 1st 2021, should be made immediately available for reading and reuse through Europe PMC, without embargo. 

For more information about joining Europe PMC as a funder, visit our website: http://europepmc.org/Joining

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