Thursday, 1 August 2013

Linking Articles Available in Europe PMC to your ORCID

Europe PMC is pleased to offer researchers the ability to link articles to an ORCID. The tool can also be found under the ‘Resources’ menu on the Europe PMC home page. In this interface you can link any of the 28 million works available in Europe PMC to your ORCID.

Adding articles to your ORCID is a simple two-step process:  
  1. Select your publications. After you have signed in via ORCID, Europe PMC presents you with a list of articles using the names and initials in your ORCID profile (from 30.4 million articles within Europe PMC). Select the publications that you wish to link using the check-box next to the article title.
  2. Review your bibliography and send to ORCID. Check the articles that you have selected and update your ORCID profile with the articles by using the 'send to ORCID' button.
We have provided some tips on how to optimise your article linking alongside the publications list. Using the tool makes it easy to add high-quality information to your ORCID, and will allow your works to be viewed in Europe PMC. We expect to add additional ORCID-related features in the future - watch this space! As always your feedback is welcome.

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