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 | 19 July 2017


Blow your own trumpet: build an academic CV with ease

Whether applying for a postdoc, a grant, or a tenure position, you will need to compile a publication list every now and then. There can be many ways to do so, from maintaining an Excel sheet, to building your profile on a faculty page. One option, however, requires minimum effort from your side and keeps a stable record of all your achievements. It is our all-time favourite – an ORCID iD. Getting one is easy: you register with the ORCID foundation at
How does it help you to maintain a publication list? Very simple – we have already taken care of that. We automatically generate Author Profiles for biomedical researchers based on their ORCID record. You can find yours under the following link:[your ORCID iD]. We list all your publications in Europe PMC that you have claimed and made public in your ORCID profile, conveniently linking to abstracts and free full text. There are links to your ORCID and ImpactStory pages to help keep all related information in one place.
We know that showing impact is important, so you can see citation counts for every paper and even sort papers in your profile by “times cited” to see which of your works made the biggest impact. All citations come from open sources and no subscription is required. The other option is to sort your publication list by date, to display the most recent publications first.
Do you fancy something more visual than a dry list? Download a publication graph from your Author Profile. It shows your academic output year by year as well as your yearly citation rate. An extra touch for open science champions – open access papers are marked blue on the publication graph. Looks neat, doesn’t it?
If at this point you are wondering how long it will take you to add all your publications, no worries. We know how busy and stressful academic research can be. That’s why we made sure that you won’t spend much time and effort updating the list. We have teamed up with ORCID and developed a simple tool that allows you to claim your published papers found in Europe PMC to your ORCID. It works like a charm: authorise the tool, scroll through suggested items, pick your contributions from the list – and voila – they are added to your record. Nowadays more and more publishers will make your job even easier – by adding your newly published manuscript to your ORCID record on your behalf. All you need to do is to provide your ORCID ID upon submission.
You can link to your Author Profile page from your institutional or personal website, or attach the graph image to your application. The link to your profile will also appear whenever people search for your work on Europe PMC, helping to promote the science you do.
With an author profile that lists all your publications it is easy to get credit where it’s due, and keep your academic CV in check. Try it for yourself with Europe PMC.

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