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 | 4 March 2013


CC-BY: which publishers offer this license?

On the 1st April 2013, both the Wellcome Trust and the
Research Councils UK will require that any article which attributes their
funding and incurs an Article
Processing Charge (APC) must be licensed using the Creative Commons Attribution
license (CC-BY).
This blog posting provides an update as to those publishers who
publish high volumes of Europe PMC funded research and who have put information
in the public domain to confirm whether they will offer a CC-BY option. 
The exclusion of a publisher from this list does NOT mean that they are not going
to offer a CC-BY option; it simply means that information about this option is
not in the public domain.
Over the next few weeks, I expect more publishers to make a
public statement on this topic.  I will
update the blog to reflect this.
Publisher (and
CC-BY option?
This information was posted in the BMJ’s response to the
House of Lords OA Inquiry (page 36)
CC-BY licences will incur a higher charge
limited number of journals continue to use the
CC-BY-NC license, including Pharma related titles and journals
published by Springer Healthcare.  For
these titles, Wellcome and RCUK funded authors will not be able to use the
“gold” OA route

8 comments on "CC-BY: which publishers offer this license?"

Ross Mounce says:

You've missed loads! Could you please update your table ASAP to be more inclusive? You don't even list PeerJ or Hindawi or MDPI or Frontiers or the 1000's of others!!!

Robert Kiley says:

We will add to this list to include Hindawi and Frontier — but the focus of this list is those publishers who publish high volumes of Europe PMC funded research.

Robert Kiley

Ross Mounce says:

Hmmm… My thinking is, people unsure of where to publish will come here to consult this list. If this list is only or largely populated by a lot expensive for-profit publishers I don't think that's really desirable!

Why not provide a reasonably comprehensive list? It would be good advertising for the some of the smaller (but excellent) publishers. A list like the above just seems to reinforce the dominance of the biggies.

Ross Mounce says:

Anyway, FYI here's a list of over a thousand CC BY gold Open Access Journals listed on DOAJ:

(I can't post the list in full here, it's far far too long for the comment box)

Robert Kiley says:


I don't envisage this post will become **the** place to determine whether a publisher offers a CC-BY option. This post was just to show that a number of publishers — which publish significant volume of Europe PMC funded research — have already made public statements confirming they will offer a CC-BY licence.

I expect other publishers will be added to this list in the coming weeks.

Also, the Wellcome and RCUK are working with the Sherpa/ROMEO service to develop specific guidance on whether a journal provides a "compliant" OA publishing option.

Once this service is launched, I will link to this from this post, and that should become the de facto source for checking whether a specific journal provides a funder-compliant OA option.


Ross Mounce says:


Thanks for the info Robert. I look forward to seeing this new Sherpa/ROMEO service.

In the meantime, everyone can consult this Google Doc to see what the high volume CC BY publishers in EuropePMC are

(data courtesy of Alf Eaton)

Anonymous says:


Please include Bioscientifica on this list, they offer CC-BY open access publishing for all journals.


Unknown says:

Hi – I realize you are listing high-volume publishers only in the table, however I'd like to mention PeerJ as CC-BY as well ( Being so new, we obviously cannot be publishing at high volume from the start, but authors should be aware that Open Access does not mean they have to pay thousands out of pocket and options like $99 publishing (PeerJ) and even free publishing exist.

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