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 | 4 December 2019


The new Europe PMC is here

It’s time to embrace change. Today Europe PMC proudly unveils a new website, packed with useful features. The improved Europe PMC offers a better search and reading experience, as well as better access to data.

Intuitive search for articles and preprints

It’s now easier to browse search results with an optimised layout. Actions, such as saving a search or exporting citations, are displayed to the right, search filters for content type, free full text and date to the left, access menu at the top, and the list of results in the main view.
Filters allow you to limit your search to primary research articles, literature reviews, or preprints, and content labels make it easy to navigate the list of publications. 

Figures and data at your fingertips

All of the content related to the article is served on the same page, including the abstract, full text, data, and other useful resources. We wanted to put special emphasis on access to data, making it easier to get an overview of the key findings. This is now supported by two dedicated sections: figures and data. You can get to the section of interest using the left-hand navigation menu.
Figures for the open access articles are now available to preview directly under the abstract. You can view them as thumbnails, click to get an expanded view including the figure legend, or use the full text link to view a figure of interest in context.
The Data section is the go-to place for all research data associated with a study. It contains links to supplemental, supporting, and related or curated data. 
Supporting data combines data accessions and DOIs for over 40 different life science databases, including ENA, PDBe, Uniprot, and many others. The related data section lists data curated by expert groups. For example, articles with links to Disprot contain information about intrinsically disordered proteins. All data mentions are linked to external resources, where you can find more information about the data itself.
It is also possible to view data citations in the full text using the “View key terms” tool on the right-hand side. It allows you to find key terms within the text, including accession numbers and data DOIs.

Enriched publications

We have collaborated with nearly 60 different providers to link preprints and peer reviewed publications to useful resources that provide free access to peer reviews, recommendations, protocols and materials, lay summaries and more.
For example, the Reviews section will house post-publication peer reviews and scientific commentaries, while the Protocols and Materials section includes additional information about cell lines, reagents or methods used in the article.
We have also reimagined the Impact section, which now contains not only traditional article citations and alternative metrics, but also data citations, which reflect curated references from life science databases, and article recommendations by experts

Learn more

To help you explore the new features we will be releasing a series of how-to videos highlighting the changes we have described. The videos will be available on the Europe PMC YouTube channel and on the Europe PMC Help page.
You can also sign up for one of our free online webinars to learn how to find research that you should not miss. Register your interest with and we will notify you about future training events. 
If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding the new Europe PMC website, or if you would like to take part in future usability testing sessions, please let us know! Get in touch via We hope that with your help we will continue to create the best tools for literature research.

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