Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tracking Data Citations in Europe PMC

We are pleased to announce a new feature in Europe PMC that allows you to track data citations in the scientific literature. It is now possible to search for papers that cite database records for several core life science databases, such as the European Nucleotide Archive, ArrayExpress, and PDBe, as well as dataset DOIs used by, for example, Figshare and Dryad. 

As well as searching the Europe PMC website, RSS feeds can also be created to alert you when a particular dataset or data type has been cited. See the Europe PMC website for more information. The methods used to identify these data citations are reported in a recent PLoS One article, available in Europe PMC:

The SOAP and RESTful web services also support these searches.

Your comments on this new feature are welcome. To find out more about new Europe PMC developments, bookmark this blog, or follow us on Twitter @EuropePMC_News

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