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 | 26 September 2014


Linking grants to your publication

It is important that you add all appropriate grant
information to relevant papers on Europe
to support:
  • Grant Reporting
  • Compliance with Funder open access policies
  • Data Consistency    
  • Resource Discovery
  • Author Claiming
There are a variety of routes that enable grants to be
linked to papers in Europe PMC.  We have
outlined these below to enable authors and Funders to choose the most
appropriate route(s) to ensure that the grants used to support their research
are correctly attributed:

1. Using the Europe
PMC plus Grant Linking module
This option is only available to PIs (Principal
Investigators) of grants from the Europe
PMC Funders
. Log in to Europe PMC plus and select the Grant Linking tab to
associate papers with your grants.

Note: Linking grants to PubMed papers does not signify
compliance to your Funder’s mandate. Full text versions must either be
deposited directly by the Publisher or self-archived. See
for more information.

2. When
self-archiving author manuscripts via Europe PMC plus
All appropriate associations can be made as
part of the submission process of Europe PMC Funder grantholder research articles.

3. Bulk grant
This option is open to members of the Europe PMC Funders group, who can submit
a list of articles (identified by PubMed ID) and grant IDs. We will then create
the appropriate grant-article associations, which will display in both Europe
PMC and PubMed.

4. When the paper is
indexed by NLM indexers
This option only applies where the research has been supported by one of the original eight funders of Europe
PMC. Grants will automatically be added to PubMed papers during the
indexing process if the grant has been correctly acknowledged in the paper.

5. Direct pipelines
Grant-article associations are collated from various
sources, including Researchfish; all associations are applied to Europe PMC and
validated ones pushed through to PubMed.

You can search Europe PMC using a grant ID to find all
papers associated with a particular grant number, using either the advanced search form, or the the following search syntax:

Europe PMC also has a Grant Lookup Tool which holds
detailed, consolidated grant information across all Funders. The data is also
available via an API.

This post is by Rob Rowbotham, Europe PMC Helpdesk Manager.

For more information, please contact the Europe
PMC Helpdesk at:

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